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We’ve made a few interesting changes to the classic Mojito. Out goes the rum to be replaced by our Gatehouse Gin. To complement our red sweet apple finish, we’ve given soda the boot too, in its place – sparkling apple juice.


  • 40ml Gatehouse Gin
  • 10ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 2tsp Sugar
  • 6 Fresh Mint Leaves
  • 100ml Sparkling Apple Juice
  • Crushed Ice
  • Method

  • Muddle the lime juice, sugar and mint leaves in a small jug, crushing the mint as you go. Pour into a tall glass and add a handful of crushed ice.
  • Pour over the Gatehouse Gin, stirring with a long-handled spoon. Top up with sparkling apple juice, garnish with mint and serve.
  • Sweet yet refreshing – perfect for a summer’s day.