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Gatehouse Gin

Distilled at Wyndham Duchally Country Estate.

The Origins

Launched in 2019, Gatehouse Gin is a joint venture between Wyndham Duchally Country Estate and Tony Reeman-Clark, founder of Strathearn Distillery.

Strathearn Distillery is Scotland’s original craft spirits distillery, which focuses on the careful, handcrafting of many different spirits, from distillation through to bottling. The passion and skill that goes into the making of their spirits was brought to The Gatehouse Distillery and is reflected in the smoothness and intensity of their flavours.

The Gatehouse Gin design process was exciting. Apples, rosehips, gooseberries and thistle were explored in the search for a distinctive flavour. Over time, this has developed into Gatehouse Gin using local ingredients from the Wyndham Duchally Country Estate botanical garden and orchard.

Wyndham Duchally Country Estate

Wyndham Duchally Country Estate sits within 27 acres of private parkland with the vast scenic landscapes of Perthshire on its doorstep. The country house hotel and luxurious lodges are a wonderful get-away-from-it-all holiday or short break location.

Built in 1838 for the Monteath family, the original manor house later became a hotel. In 2000, 55 lodges were built within the grounds.

Just 2 miles from Gleneagles, Wyndham Duchally Country Estate is a great place to enjoy golf and of course, Gatehouse Gin.


How the Gin is Made

Gatehouse Gin is distilled in a pair of traditional 100 Litre copper alembic stills which are direct fired. The botanics are added to the body of the still with neutral alcohol and then immediately fired to avoid any loss of freshness.

Distilling slowly, the gin is collected at an average strength of 75% ABV which is then reduced to bottling strength with the addition of local distilled water.

The rest is a secret!

Tasting Notes

Nose: The almost gentle pine nose of a juniper led gin quickly gives way to hints of fruit and citrus. There is an overarching aroma of freshness.

Taste and mouthfeel: Smooth and sweet despite being a full-strength spirit. The sweetness coming both from the slowly distilled alcohol and the use of fresh apples and rosehip. The balancing tang comes from the gooseberry and galangal. Like all good gins, there is a hint of citrus.

Afterwards: Citrus afternotes, almost orange in flavour, are provided by the lemongrass and fresh pink grapefruit.



You can’t have gin without junipers! Our juniper berries come from Wyndham Duchally Country Estate and the local area. ‘Nose’ a juniper berry and you’ll find that wonderful piney aroma so closely associated with gin.



After juniper, coriander is the most common botanical in gin and is plucked from Wyndham Duchally Country Estate’s botanical garden. A lovely burst of citrusy spice travels through the palette.


Sweet Red Apples

Deliciously sweet and crispy, our red apples give Gatehouse Gin its zippy but sweet flavour. An orchard planted in the grounds of Wyndham Duchally Country Estate will provide the apples for future distillations.



Gin and raisins have long been associated as a folk remedy for arthritis. We can’t claim that the raisins in our gin will help with that, but they do bring a little sweet something to the flavour party.



The citrus afternotes come in part from the lemongrass.



Made from dried berries, sumac is an under-rated spice. Used as a condiment in Iran, it brings a twist of the exotic to Gatehouse Gin.



The fruit of the rose, rosehip’s contribution to Gatehouse Gin is sweetness.



Scottish gooseberries add a slight tanginess to the gin, which when paired with the red sweet apples provides the gin’s signature sweet and refreshing hit to the palette.


Other Botanicals

Other flavourful botanicals include pink grapefruit, milk thistle, galangal and fresh lemongrass, creating our wonderfully unique gin.